Melendy Speaker Event

by Transpharmers


Hello everyone!

It has been such a busy time the past few weeks. We had so many fun and important event that has happened and we had a nice and relaxing break.  Sadly, this Spring break has ended and we need to get ready for school once again.  I’ve realized that we had left off with our dinner with Admiral Giberson so let me update you guys a little bit more.  The following day, we had a Q&A with the Admiral and I was made aware of the opportunities working as a pharmacist in uniform and working for the government.  What a dream job!  Not only does he get to work with people in our government, he gets to travel and talk to other foreign leaders as well.  After that we had a lunch lecture with Admiral Giberson.  He talked a lot about the future of a pharmacists and the need to advocate for our profession.  One quote that I still remembered from his lecture was, “A ship is safe at the harbor, but it is made for sea…”  Indeed so, while it is great to stay within what we are comfortable with being a pharmacist and dispensing medications to our patients but what else?  After completing pharmacy school we will have at least 6-8 years of college education, we will be medication experts and it will be such a waste of our knowledge and education if we only have a narrow vision of the future of pharmacy.  We need to further explore our capabilities, we need to sail the rough seas, and discover our true meaning and potential as pharmacists, THE medication expert!  Below are some pictures of this event.  In addition, here are some more pictures of the fun events that I got to do at Deep Portage and meeting new friends from the Duluth campus.   Big thanks to Liz Yang & Isaac Tse for these pictures.



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