Kappa Psi and Ephata Retreat

by Transpharmers

Prior to Spring Break we have decided to finally join a pharmacy fraternity.  It took us two long years to decide which fraternity to join as there are other fraternity like Phi Delta Chi and Kappa Epsilon.  We decided that Kappa Psi was the right one for the both of us since most of our close friends in class are in that fraternity as well.  Kappa Psi is an international, professional pharmaceutical fraternity that was founded in 1879 and is comprised of students, faculty, and alumni. Kappa Psi is the nation’s largest and oldest pharmaceutical fraternity and is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy, educationally and socially.

Here at the University of Minnesota, the Epsilon chapter has been in existence since 1928. They have provided members with many opportunities to be professionally involved. Some of our current professional activities include: STI Talks – sexually transmitted disease awareness presentations at local high schools; Phillips Neighborhood Clinic – staffing a student-run, interdisciplinary clinic where we are in charge of the pharmacy helping to dispense medications, educate patients on their new medications, and provide drug information for the student clinicians; Camp SuperKids – staffing the pharmacy at a week-long camp for kids with asthma; Ronald McDonald House – we raise money to support house projects and also sponsor meal for the residents; Kidney Early Evaluation Prevention (KEEP) – screening of high-risk populations for kidney disease; College of Pharmacy White Pages – publishing the college directory complete with students, faculty and staff contact information; PharmaCOPA – publishing the College of Pharmacy annual yearbook.  This year one of our close friend, Camille Lebrec, along with a core team of Kappa Psi organized a mission trip to Haiti to provide immunizations and medications for the rural populations who are deprived of the basic necessities to ensure their health and survival.  She will be our guest blogger and will blog about her experience as well as her pictures soon so stay tuned for that!

In addition to us joining Kappa Psi, last weekend my siblings and I got a chance to help out at a retreat called Ephata.  This is a yearly retreat that the Confirmation students at our church are required to attend in order for them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This is my fifth year helping out and being a parent/chaperone.  Honestly, I did not think that I will get a 5th opportunity to help out.  It is a great honor to be asked to be a chaperone and after 4 years, I wanted to share this wonderful and unique experience with another person.  I was actually a back up chaperone and received a phone call last-minute from one of the organizers asking if I can cover for another chaperone that could not make it due to their work.  I think it was God’s plan to have all three of us here that weekend!  It has been over a year since our family went through a rough speed bump and my siblings and I never really had the chance to release all of our emotions.  At this weekend retreat, we had a chance to connect and bond as brothers and sisters and I feel as though we will be able to survive and endure what ever life obstacle may come our way; we have each other and that’s all that matters!  I also got a chance to share my life experiences, struggles, and blessings with the kids and my hope is that through this weekend, they may be able to discover more about themselves, about their family and friends, and most importantly about their relationship with God.  This weekend was more emotional for me as this class was actually the first class that I taught by myself 6 years ago.  I remembered teaching them in 4th grade and boy oh boy some of them have changed, for the better of course!  I remember my struggles of trying to prepare lessons each week, teaching, preparing fun activities, and grading homework meanwhile I have to work and perform well in college as well.  It was quite a challenge but I am glad I did it!  Seeing their bright and smiling faces brings tears to my eyes.  I felt as though I am a proud parent…my kids will be graduating from our Sunday school program in just 2 months!  I love how God has planned all of that for my siblings and I, to be together at Ephata!  I can’t talk too much about the details as they may ruin it for future years.  Instead here are some pictures from this event as well as Kappa Psi information and formal initiation.


Phat & Kim

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