MMS’ Deep Portage Pharmaceutical Care Meeting!

by Transpharmers

Hello everyone!

I am currently attending MMS’ Pharmaceutical Care Meeting/Conference in Deep Portage (around 3 hours north of the Twin Cities).  The theme this year is ‘Bringing Pharmaceutical Care to Market:  Expanding the Service.’  It has been an amazing 30 hours so far!  My view of the pharmacy practice and my passion to help out delivery complete and comprehensive medication management for our patients has been inflamed!   It’s has been a 180 degree turn for the best!   I did not realize what a wonderful pharmacy program we have here and the University of Minnesota and that I fell into the trap of taking things for granted. I’ve experienced so many ‘ah hah’ moments so far and I cannot wait to be able to bring some of these ideas into life!!  These ideas are no longer a dream, as they have been envisioned and developed for 30 years by Dr. Strand, Dr. Cipolle, Dr. McInnes, Dr. Webb, and so many current pharmacists and residents.  It’s now time to continue this reality for the future is now!

A little bit background about the conference. The purpose of the meeting is to bring individuals from different health care venues (practitioners, administrators, students, and clients) together to discuss the practice of pharmaceutical care and the delivery of medication management services, in a natural environment to stimulate new ideas and “cutting edge” opportunities to better care for patients and their medications.  This is the 11th time they have been doing this and our attendees are clients from different health care sectors (55), students, graduate students, residents, faculty, administrators (25), and Staff of MMS (10).  Below are some pictures of the event so far.  I will upload more pictures when I get home and will update you more about this meeting.



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