Advocating for pharmacy at our former high school!

by Transpharmers

Hi all!

Today we had a great opportunity to revisit to our old high school!

Being a student ambassador for the pharmacy school not only allows us to participate in student panels on interview days and give tours of the school to interested students, but we are also able to do outside school visits with admission counselors to help advocate for our school and our profession. And the stop for today was good ole’ Osseo Senior High, in Osseo, MN. The school just recently launched a pharmacy tech program/elective that is offered for all current students. After completing the class and meeting all requirements, students are able to acquire their own pharmacy technician license, which will allow them to start working in a pharmacy! A student enrolled in that program persistently campaigned for a visit from our pharmacy school, and fortunately, the admissions and career counselors from both schools were able to make that wish happen. That student, along with fellow senior classmates, were very much interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, but like many, did not know where to start.

Our role for today was to supplement Sara Lofstrom’s (our awesome admission counselor) presentation about the pharmacy profession and our school. We inputted our own advice to high school students (specifically the chemistry classes) on how to get experience in pharmacy and how to prepare for the PharmD program.

Overall, we had a blast! Not only were we able to pay a visit to our former high school, but we were also able to maybe strike a spark of interest for pharmacy in the students. Even though not all were interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, however, we hope the exposure we provided today on what the profession is all about and how pharmacists can serve our patients will stay with them and maybe in the future will help them decide on their own career path. It was very rewarding to see the interest levels in the students, as evidenced by their questions. We hope to do more school visits soon, and perhaps help open up this wide window of opportunity for similar high school students around the state, an opportunity we both wished we had back in our high school days.



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