AWARxE Presentations at Coon Rapids Middle School

by Transpharmers

I, along with my good buddies from my pharmacy class Kyle & Ryan, had the opportunity to come back to Coon Rapids Middle School to do AWARxE presentations today.  We talked to 10 different 6th and 8th health classes in a span of two school days to approximately 300 students about medication safety, prescription drug abuse, medication disposal, and safely buying medications on the Internet.  Prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest-growing drug problem, and it has been classified as an epidemic. Unfortunately, people of all ages are affected, as shown by several government studies. As student pharmacists, it is our duty to inform the public on this matter and, hopefully, by being well-informed will help keep the students and their family safe.

We were here last year doing the same thing and the students are very interested and some were very knowledgeable about the potential dangers of prescription drug abuse.  This year is a little more special as we also had Dave Busch, Senior Director for Mail Order & Clinic Pharmacy Operations for Health Partners, joining us to answer any other burning questions about internet pharmacies and pharmacy related things that we as students may not be as knowledgeable.

AWARxE is a student organization under MPSA, Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance, where the student volunteers will go out to local middle and high schools to talk about prescription drug abuse.  We have lots of school that are interested from Duluth, northern Minnesota, to schools in Rochester, MN.  The AWARxE program was inspired by the story of Justin Pearson.  Justin Pearson, a resident of St Cloud, MN, died tragically at age 24 because of a prescription drug overdose. Justin died on December 25, 2006, on Christmas day, after taking a mix of prescription drugs, which he ordered from an illegal Web site.  To learn more about this, visit AWARERX.ORG and help raise AWARxEness among consumers.

Here are some pictures from today.  I will try to update this post with more pictures from tomorrow.  Enjoy!


UPDATE: We returned the next day for another round and had the pleasure of working with Amanda, an MTM Specialist at Health Partners.  See the pictures below.

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