Exams count down until break!

by Transpharmers

Hello everyone!

Sorry we have been MIA for the past month.  It has been a tough one with lots of exams, church activities and events.  We have not forgotten about you guys.  Thank you for following us and reading our blogs!  We have a few posts that are in the works and hopefully we will finish and post them on here during break.

It has come to the point where we are no longer counting down the date until break but instead our new units is by exams remaining.  We’ve just finished our 3rd out of 9 exams in ~11 days of school…so we are down to 6 exams until break!  Woo hooo!

We are almost half way up the hill but not there yet.  Well at least both of us are going through it together with the rest of the 165 other students.  Stay tuned, we will post more after we get our much needed rest, good luck on your finals as well!


Here’s an example of the weekly announcements that we get from our class representatives:

Class Announcements: Dec 12-16
....only 8 more exams to go!  The countdown is on :)

Announcements for this week:
Monday, 12/12: Biostats Journal Club assignment due, Kinetics Exam #3
Tuesday, 12/13: Pharmacology Exam #4
Wednesday, 12/14: Therapy Homework #13 due
Friday, 12/16: Therapy Exam #5

And then for finals to round out the semester!

Saturday, 12/17: Kinetics Final 1-5 pm MoosT 1-450 and 1-451
Monday, 12/19: Pharmacology Final 1-4 MoosT 2-530
Tuesday, 12/20: Med Agents Final 1-3 MoosT 2-530
Wednesday, 12/21: Therapy Final 1-4 MoosT 1-450
Thursday, 12/22: Biostats Final 10-11 WDH 7-135
Friday, 12/23: SLEEP!!

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