Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano & Jesus’ blood type

by Transpharmers

Besides being very committed and involved in pharmacy school, we are also very passionate about our church and our faith.  We spend around 7 hours volunteering there each week.  This is our first post about an experienced this week and why we love our faith so much.  Enjoy!

I just wanted to share with you guys a Holy Spirit inspired moment that I had while teaching my Nghĩa Sĩ (Companion group aged from 10-13 years old) at youth group (TNTT) this week.  I was so touched and dumbfounded that I failed to realize this fact all along and so I hope this trail of thought helps us realize His wonderful love for us.

I was responsible for teaching about the Mystery of the Eucharist for our Nghĩa Sĩ yesterday.  For the past few weeks, our lives at home are so chaotic and I really did not have too much time to prepare for my lesson.  I did read the lesson and pondered on it for a while but I was not sure how to teach it and did not prepare anything special.  We start at 5PM so as 4:30PM came, I was still unsure how to teach this lesson to our kids so I went and visit Jesus for a brief moment before TNTT.  Like always, I asked for the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that I can teach my lesson well, that I am teaching it correctly according to our Catholic faith and that the kids will be able to take something away from it.

As I was teaching, I did not really know where I was going with the lesson.  The fact that Francois, our youth leader that loves the Eucharist, was there did not help because I was slightly intimidated and was uncertain that I am teaching things correctly.  When the five minutes remaining time came about, I concluded my lesson talking about how Jesus revealed His true presence in the Eucharist through the miracles like the one in Lanciano.  Then something came over me and I told the kids, “What I am about to teach you guys may not be approve by the Church just yet, and I don’t know if it will but it’s something I have always been thinking about and I think it really makes sense to me…”

The Catholic Church let scientists test the flesh and blood from the chalice and they concluded that it was human blood of type AB.  So Jesus’ blood is type AB?  I’ve known this fact before and have always thought about this.  This fact is so weird to me.  My human mind frame has always envisioned Jesus’ blood to be type O- because that is the universal donor.  Jesus gives!  He sacrificed and died for our sins upon the cross, why isn’t he O-? But that is my human thinking, God thinking is opposite of what we think.  He chose to be type AB.  As I was writing the word AB on the board, it was as if the light bulb was turned on and it all made sense to me.  That’s it!  I get it!  Jesus’ blood is type AB so I asked my kids, “If type O is the universal donor, what is type AB?”  It’s the universal acceptor!  That means that He is telling us through that that He accepts!  He ACCEPTS all of us; He accepts the universe because He is the universal acceptor!  He accepts the priest that doubted His true presence at that moment, his sins and He still accepts him though he is a fragile human being with sins and temptations.  The same is true to this day.  That is why we did not know His blood type until this century.  He is telling us that He accepts us all; He is willing to take in all of us!  What He is requiring of us, let’s say I am type O, in order for me to save lives, I must donate my blood, so He is telling us to give unto Him and He will accept.  As youth group leader (HT), He wants us to come to TNTT; He wants us to donate our time, donate our talents to offer it up to Him.  He will accept it all.  We all have different types of blood, A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, and AB±.  It doesn’t matter if you are a great HT, let’s say like type A+ (kind of like grades in school), or a ‘not so great’ or ‘new’ HT, type B- with lots of room to improve.  He doesn’t care!  It doesn’t matter to Him and He is willing to take in anything as long as it is from you, truly from you.  He will accept all of that and He will take it and offer it to God the Father and ask Him to bless us.

So, I don’t know where this epiphany is coming from, I don’t know why it came at this moment but it did, I am so excited and passionate about this and really wanted to share this with you guys.  Well I wanted to share with you guys at like 2AM this morning but I needed some sleep first 🙂 I hope that we use this example to remind us that the Spirit is alive and is working in each and every one of us and that God is talking to us all the time.  We can use this example to realize how important each and every one, every HT is to their youth group and appreciate one another for our talents, for what we can give to to one another & TNTT, and for God cause at the end of the day He doesn’t care how much you have given to Him!  All that He cares is that you give and He is there to ACCEPT it.

For more information about Lanciano, visit this website

Have a wonderful, Christ filled week everyone!



2 Comments to “Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano & Jesus’ blood type”

  1. Great insight! I was wondering the same thing myself, as I have always thought Jesus would be the universal donor type O and was surprised to find out He’s type AB.

  2. I’ve recently encountered this blood type information and also came to the conclusion that with red blood cells (AB) He receives all of us. I also believe Him to be Rh + because the plasma (white blood cells defending our bodies) for AB+ is the universal donor and these cells heal. So through accepting His help we can all be healed.

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