Dare I say it? An easy PD2 week!…

by Transpharmers

When we first interviewed for pharmacy school, the students would always tell us that the second year is by far the hardest of the four years in pharmacy school.  During our orientation, they also told us this.  At our white coat ceremony, once again other students would tell us this.  On our first day of school, once again upper classmates would come to our class and remind us of this.  But even with all of those warnings, there was not too much that you can do to try to prepare for it.  I attempted to prepare for this but I still feel a little bit inadequate.  For the past 6 weeks, we have been studying so much harder for quizzes and exams than we have ever had before.   It’s not crazy hard but its constant.  As of right now, I am bit exhausted and would not mind another break from school but I know we need to get over the huddle of the second week of November, aka ‘exams galore’ week!  But for now, we have one week of nothing, well, sorta nothing.  (Schedule courtesy of  Souk’s Blog – see my side bar)

So we only have 2 quizzes and a case for Pharmacotherapy due tomorrow 🙂  Then next week it’s going to get rough as we prepare for 4 exams, 3 quizzes, and a therapy case. Oy!

I have been quite busy myself trying to cover one of my mom’s duties as chef of the house.  I love to cook but lately, with school, work and volunteering, it’s hard for me to set out some time to do so, but since my mom is in Viet Nam I get to practice my rusty cooking skills.  🙂

(Below: Ingredients to cook Vietnamese sour soup with Alaska’s  salmon, beef & Chinese broccoli in garlic oyster sauce, shrimp udon & with my Sriracha hot sauce, vegetable stir fry) Dinner anyone? 🙂

Several people have asked me to post my education journey as well as my personal testimony of how I got into pharmacy school.  I am trying my best to type this up but it may take me some time, and that means some time for you to read it as well 🙂  Besides work & school, my Sunday school second graders at St. Anne & St. Joseph Hien, the First Communion & Reconciliation class, all 72 of them, keeps me on my toes!  Since there was too many of them, we had to divide them into 2 classes!  Here are some pictures of my kids!





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