Life outside of school.

by Transpharmers

Hello all,

Sorry for the tardy update. Our lives has been….well, you can put it as….pretty OCCUPIED. And, looking at the next month of November, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But, the best part of this whole ordeal is that……IT’S ALMOST OVER!!! As long as we can make it through the first semester of second year, it’ll all be down hill from there  🙂 To be honest, I am looking forward to the second semester, because we will actually be able to pick our own electives and make school more geared towards what we want!

Additionally, on top of school and church stuff, our grandma (mom’s mom) has been in the hospital for about 3 months. She is critically ill with some sort of lung disease, doctors aren’t quite sure what it is, but they just know that she’s not getting any better. Worst part about this: she’s in Vietnam! So with the language barrier (we are fluent in the Vietnamese language, but when it comes to Vietnamese medical terminology, we cannot call ourselves experts) it is hard to know what’s going on with her and how she’s doing at all times, not to mention the lack of access across the ocean. There has been a few times within the last 3 weeks that we thought we almost lost her. With her critical condition, my mom had to make an emergency trip to Vietnam to help care for my grandma. In the Vietnamese tradition, elders are regarded with the utmost respect, and with my mom’s role as the eldest child (and daughter) she is expected to come home and care for my grandma and pay her respects until my grandma passes away. So far, we’re not even sure how she’s doing, because her condition is very sporadic, consisting of lots of blood loss, hallucinations, intermix with a few days alertness. Please keep her in your prayers. With my mom being gone, me and my siblings are left with the responsibility to care for the house and my dad (he doesn’t cook). It’s been hard, having to juggle cooking and cleaning while trying to focus on school, yet grandma is all we worry about. Not very good timing if you asked me….but what can you do? Life happens….even in pharmacy school. It’s times like this where I feel bless to be in pharmacy with my brother. Hey, we both got each other in didn’t we? And we will for sure get each other out. Here is a picture of our grandma and grandpa back in 2007, very old and weak already. My grandpa just passed away about 2 years ago, from lung cancer.

Other than school taking over our lives, we are also very much involved in our youth group at church. We are both youth leaders at our parish. The group consists of about 150 kids, ages from 7 to 18-years. Every Saturday, we dedicate about 2 to 3 hours of our time to this youth group teaching kids about the faith. I call this: “my break from pharmacy school”. I think it’s pretty essential to have something that can help you take your mind off the craziness of school, and the best part about this distraction….you’re able to give back to the community! We recently resumed our regular Saturday sessions, here are a few photos from the first day back. Enjoy 🙂

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