One Month Down!!!!

by Transpharmers

Hello blog readers,

As Phat mentioned, we have had quite the busy week. Prior to entering second year and even before getting into pharmacy school, numerous people have already warned me about the horrors of second year. Year two have been described to me as: “The meat and potatoes of pharmacy school!”, “Lots of work, but you get to learn a lot”, “Study, like you’ve never studied before”, “You actually get to learn about drugs!”, and lastly, but surely, “Hard.” With all that being said, I guess I never really comprehended how serious those people were. Not only are there exams to study for, but we also have homework, quizzes, and therapy cases! I have not been able to keep up with my nap-time ritual like during the first year. Although, we did have somewhat of a manageable month of September, but from now until the end of finals, it’s time to hit the books. All complaining aside, I am actually beginning to appreciate second year. The other day at work, about 1/4 of the prescriptions that I was filling, I was able to recall what they were used to treat and most surprisingly, what their mechanism of action inside our body was! This little self quiz reassured me that I wasn’t merely just memorizing facts from paper, but that I was actually learning and comprehending!! It’s true with what everyone has said, you’re now no longer learning just for your purpose of getting an A, but you have to learn for the safety and benefit of your future patients. Alright, back to studying I go, but before I leave, here’s a glimpse into a small part of what studying for Pharmacotherapy looked like last week. Until next time!

Trying to absorb concepts in Pharmacotherapy, literally.


3 Comments to “One Month Down!!!!”

  1. Hi Phat,
    Could you please share your educational journey at community college level? I am a student at ARCC working on prepharm courses. I have always thought that it’s so rare for a community college student to get into the pharmD program. I am actually getting very inspired from students like you.
    Good luck!!

    • Thank you for reading our blog, I am actually planning to post my education journey and how I got into pharmacy school on the blog, once I get free time from this crazy and hectic second year in pharmacy school. Check back soon…

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