Admission’s Council

by Transpharmers

Went to my first admission’s council meeting this week. It was very scary, walking into a room full of professors, where you as the student is the minority (it’s usually 100 students to 1 professor). Being a new member, I was doing more observing than talking during this meeting. Throughout the entire meeting and especially during assessment of applicant interviews and evaluation criteria, my initial sense of anxiety started to slowly disappear. These professors do not seem so scary anymore! In fact, after seeing a few sample interviews and hearing their comments and suggestions on it, I get a sense of much thoughtfulness and true compassion coming from all the professors and faculty in the room. They were all there because they wanted to help!! Sure interviews are scary and nerve wrecking. Sometimes it even feels as if your interviewer is going to bite your head off. But, in that room, I can see that that perception is totally not true. These interviewers, whether they are professors or college faculty, are really there to help. Honestly. They really want to understand you and try to get to know you as a person. Whether you believe it or not, they all actually want you to do well during your interviews. I wish I knew that at the time of my interview…but in any case, I am very excited to be a part of the admission’s council and to have the chance to collaborate with these admired college faculty. Let the process begin 🙂 -Kim


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